Dear Aferba, Sorry it has taken quite a bit to continue this missive. It was partly intentional, and partly due to circumstances within my control. That means the reasons are both intentional, no? First of all, as I reflected on the years that I have so far shared with you, I caressed the memories all by my own and almost hid them in the crevices of this heart touched by Simpa affection. The serendipity of my discoveries during this excursion in my mind, as I opened and walked one gate of thought after another…my entire being soothed with gratitude of who you have become to me…the tales the signposts on this journey into time whispered into my ears. I caressed the memories and then I knew that I would love for you to hear them too, especially as we approach the tenth year in marital school.

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It is comprised of 10 regions with Accra as its capital. Tourism can be found in most of the regions, but the infrastructure is lacking, turning the shortest of trips into longer ordeals. Despite a short era of economic growth in , the country remains vulnerable to external economic pressures. Crime Threats Street crime is a serious problem, especially acute in Accra and other larger cities. Pickpockets and thieves often carry out crimes of opportunity snatch-and-grab attacks on city streets, in crowded areas, and from vehicles idling in traffic.

Pickpocketing, purse snatching, and various types of scams are the most common forms of crime confronting visitors.

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Business News of Tuesday, 20 November Source: The workshop which sought to build the capacity of maritime security agencies was organized by the International Maritime Organization in collaboration with the Ghana Maritime Authority. Representatives from key maritime security institutions like the Ghana Police, Ghana Navy, National Security, and the Ghana Maritime Authority were present to participate in the workshop.

The Deputy Minister of Transport, Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover said, with the reported growing threats of maritime crime, it is now more than ever required to tackle these obstacles with all resources available. The Deputy Minister also indicated that, the Port which is undergone massive expansion is an important national asset, so it is very important to create a secure environment for its business to thrive. It means that we need to strengthen our security around the port area in Tema Port.

The IMO regional coordinator for West and Central Africa, Dallas Laryea, said maritime trade permeates all economies, so its security is equally essential.

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All about Ghana: business, culture, education, government, latest news and background information.

Early years[ edit ] A member of the Gonja ethnic group, Mahama hails from Bole in the Northern region. Mahama was born in Damongo in the Damango-Daboya constituency of Northern region into a political tradition dating back to the country’s First Republic. Mahama’s father also served as a senior presidential advisor during Ghana’s Third Republic under Hilla Limann.

He proceeded to the University of Ghana , Legon , receiving a bachelor’s degree in history in and a postgraduate diploma in communication studies in As a student, he was a member of Commonwealth Hall Legon. He also studied at the Institute of Social Sciences in Moscow in the Soviet Union , specializing in social psychology; he obtained a postgraduate degree in He was again re-elected in for a third term. That same year, he served as a member of the team of International Observers selected to monitor Zimbabwe ‘s Parliamentary Elections.

During his tenure as Minister of Communications, Mahama also served as the Chairman of the National Communications Authority, in which capacity he played a key role in stabilising Ghana’s telecommunications sector after it was deregulated in Continuing to expand his interest and involvement in international affairs, in Mahama became a member of the Pan-African Parliament, serving as the Chairperson of the West African Caucus until

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Phillips, with the help of Eric Phillips. Gulf War Syndrome, a. Although other mutations may contribute to the cascade of debilitating events, such as C Y, which is associated with Hemochromatosis, the above three genetic conditions formed the core group in this study. Concomitant multiple vaccinations may increase the severity of adverse reactions.

All about Ghana: business, culture, education, government, latest news and background information Ghana web, Ghana HomePage, Ghana News, Sports,Latest News, Politics.

I am sad today, it has taken me the courage to come and sit here. Where the country is heading we all need to rise up. In an appearance on Asempa FM followed keenly by My News Gh , Mr Agyapong alleges that one Kwesi Alhaji, a popular land guard has the blessing and protection of a known NPP big man to carry out the murders with impunity as even law enforcement officials cannot take action against him owing to the power behind him.

Top police officers go to him and they eat grasscutter together. This guy is killing people and as we speak they have killed someone who is in the mortuary. The victim was beheaded, it took time before they found where the head was. If you dare resist their activities they wipe you off. He was given an assurance that it may not happen but he stood his grounds and refused to talk to me.

He can move to a house, express interest and clean everybody there.

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Footage taken moments before the ceremony began in Dolj County shows the young girl surrounded by older women making final touches to her oversized frock. Wearing a pink sparkly gown, the young girl can be seen delicately touching her long ringlets as a local singer gets the crowd going. The young groom appeared in high spirits as the singer told him to ditch his toys The groom can be seen dancing along to the folk music, with his pals by his side, appearing to boost his confidence.

The singer calls on the groom and tells him to: Appearing confident, the girl poses as the women continue to pamper her and sew her into the dress. One user, Don Vochin, insisted it was not a legally binding wedding.

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Kidnappings for ritual killings are rampant in Nigeria, particularly during election campaigns…. Cheit In the s, a series of child sex abuse cases rocked the United States…. In the early s, a new narrative with remarkable staying power emerged: A central claim in this new witch hunt narrative was that the children who testified were not reliable and easily swayed by prosecutorial suggestion. In time, the notion that child sex abuse was a product of sensationalized over-reporting and far less endemic than originally thought became the new common sense.

But did the new witch hunt narrative accurately represent reality? As Ross Cheit demonstrates in his exhaustive account of child sex abuse cases in the past two and a half decades, purveyors of the witch hunt narrative never did the hard work of examining court records in the many cases that reached the courts throughout the nation. Instead, they treated a couple of cases as representative and concluded that the issue was blown far out of proportion.

Drawing on years of research into cases in a number of states, Cheit shows that the issue had not been blown out of proportion at all.

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Kelly Lieberman Tweets per chat: If you choose to get involved with one or even a few of these chats, the folks at Buffer have wrapped up some Twitter chat best practices into one handy list: Top Facebook Groups Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like teammates or coworkers. Many of these groups have remained fairly active months, if not years, after each conference.

Social Journalism Group size: It is a massive community and focuses on all things related to social media in news.

Sarah Kwablah and I had good sex – Asamoah Gyan GhanaWeb Sarah Kwablah and I had good sex – Asamoah Gyan. Sarah Kwabla And Asamoah Gyan Asamoah Gyan with Sarah Kwablah. Gyan who has been accused of sodomy according to counsel for Sarah Kwablah, Maurice Ampaw believes the lady at .

Partial recognition Comoros has no official diplomatic ties with Israel but the countries engage in mutual trade. Algeria—Israel relations In the mid s, while Israel and North African states slowly started diplomatic relations, Algeria remained one of the last countries to consider such a move. Algeria and Israel do not have diplomatic relations. Bahrain—Israel relations Relations are generally tense and the two states do not have diplomatic relations.

Like other Arab states, Bahrain does not recognize Israel. A brief period of warming in relations occurred in the mid s. In , amid Arab spring uprising , Wikileaks cables published on Haaretz revealed some of the hidden relations between Bahraini and Israeli officials. In a meeting with the U. He indicated that Bahrain is ready to develop relations in other fields as well. The king reportedly gave orders that official statements don’t use phrases such as “enemy” and “Zionist entity” when referring to Israel anymore.

However, he refused the idea of having trade relations, saying it was “too early” and would be postponed until the establishment of an independent Palestine state. Relations between Israel and Iran have alternated from close political alliances between the two states during the era of the Pahlavi dynasty to hostility following the rise to power of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.


CameroonWeb is a web portal which offers an objective, balanced and alternative content about Cameroon to educate, inform and entertain the various diverse population of the country. It is a portal under the AfricaWeb franchise which has GhanaWeb included. It comes in both desktop and mobile versions for easy accessibility either from a computer, feature phone or smart phone. The website launched last year has the potential of equaling the impact of GhanaWeb in Ghana in a short spate of time looking at its unparalleled features as compared to the websites in Cameroon.

Minaj has been accused by her ex-partner Safaree.

The PSMP is a three-year advocacy project of the United States John Hopkins Centre for Communication Programmes being implemented in the country to harness active private sector engagements and support towards malaria control in the country. The study further revealed that an average of 0. He said the private sector must collaborate with other major national and multi-national companies to become malaria-safe, and thus help reduce the burden of the debilitated disease on their businesses.

Malaria-safe businesses in Ghana would pave the way for better health, a more productive workforce and increased bottom lines. The impact of malaria on farm and agri-business could be devastating as it could strike farmer communities at critical planting, weeding and harvesting times, leading to low productivity, he said. Productivity is reduced due to sick workers, and workers who care for sick family members to the neglect of their farms. He observed that the target could be achieved if farmers remained healthy, and called on the National Malaria Control Programme to distribute more treated nets to the farmers to prevent malaria.


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