Alongside the subterranean army lie horses, chariots, weaponry — even acrobats meant to entertain Emperor Qin in death. Today, this so-called eighth wonder of the world attracts an estimated 2 million tourists per year. The show will feature artifacts dating back to B. In honor of the exhibit, here are five important bits of terra-cotta trivia: Terra-Cotta Soldiers Marching On 1. From spears to battle axes, crossbows to arrowheads, these exquisitely made pieces have been preserved with the help of a protective chromium coating. Qin implemented a standard written script, joined the states with canals and roads, unified warring states, considerably advanced metallurgy, standardized weights and measures, built the first version of the Great Wall and then later connected tactical parts of the Great Wall.

Top 10 China Online Shopping Websites in English

Products made in China are well-known for low price and acceptable quality. Buying products from China online is surely a wise choice. Here is a list of top 10 China online shopping websites based on popularity. The site provides cheap and reliable items mainly produced in China to both individual and company consumers.

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But actually, China has been in Africa for a long time. The conference was co-sponsored by Aksum University, Ethiopia. Western history books make a lot out of Vasco da Gama, the 15th and 16th century Portuguese explorer, being the first international trader to open up East Africa. He arrived in on an expedition to find a sea route to Asia, and as we all know, his trip opened up more than years of colonial domination by European maritime powers. But what is not made so much noise about, despite increasing evidence, is that Zheng He, a eunuch administrator and diplomat during the Ming Dynasty in Imperial China, arrived on the East African coast several decades earlier than Vasco da Gama.

No one knows for sure where the ship sank but some experts speculate that it happened somewhere off the Malindi coast or near the island of Lamu. There is some archaeological evidence that during the Qin and Han dynasties Chinese shipping technology was already quite advanced the central rudder was invented around this time. In , a large-scale shipping factory archaeological site was unearthed in Guangzhou, the capital and largest city of Guangdong province on the Pearl River, about km north-northwest of Hong Kong and north-northeast of Macau.

By the time of the Song Dynasty, the Quanzhou ship, containing segmented hulls, were equipped with a navigational compass and could hold over one hundred tons of cargo. Historians and archaeologists are unsure exactly when China established contact with Africa, but according to Li Anshan, author of a History of Overseas Chinese in Africa, experts believe that BC prior to the Qin Dynasty in BC , is the historical starting point of Sino-African relations.

Nevertheless, some private contacts were taking place, as indicated in foreign historical documents. These texts provide evidence that Chinese merchant ships were very active in the Indian Ocean trade activities that centered on Sri Lanka. It appears that even during these early times, private contacts between China and Africa already co-existed with a small number of official contacts.

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Renowned as the “dead sea” of China, Yuncheng Salt Lake consists of two floating zones and a mud zone with a total area of about square kilometers. Yuncheng Salt Lake has years salt production history, it in the southwest of Yuncheng city and the largest lake in Shanxi Province. The Salt Lake is an ancient typical inland saltwater lake, it forms dating back about million years ago, during the early Cenozoic Era; it covers an area of square kilometers.

It is the world’s third largest sodium sulphate inland lake. Around the Salt Lake derives stunning cultural landscape. Thanks to its high density of salt, tourists can float over the lake and enjoy the sunshine.

Work has finished on the world’s largest radio telescope, which will hunt for extraterrestrial life and explore space. China fitted the final of 4, panels into the centre of the m-wide.

The city in southeast Fujian was known as the largest port in Asia during the Song and Yuan dynasties According to legend, Marco Polo bid farewell to the nation from this town in late 13th century and described it as “the Alexandria of the East. But with an amiable age-old charms and a tangible Maritime Silk Road legacy, this is the place to see coastal China at its most local.

Maritime Museum Exotic gravestones bear witness to Quanzhou’s multicultural past. One interesting example is the angel reliefs on the Christian headstones. The dancing Siva and the dignified Vishnu, on the other hand, were crafted by Indian masons in Quanzhou in the 13th century. Muslim merchants have been coming to Quanzhou via the Maritime Silk Road route since the Tang dynasty The evidence of their clout and wealth is still clearly visible in the Ashab Mosque aka Qingjing Mosque, or Mosque of Purity , which was built in by the Arabs.

This is China’s only surviving mosque from the Song dynasty. Both look particularly stunning at sunset. Not far from the Maritime Museum, the serene and overgrown Islamic cemetery is the final resting place of some mighty Muslims, including two of Mohammed’s disciples. A large number of temples dedicated to various deities dot throughout Quanzhou.

They testify to the pious folk beliefs of Fujian’s seafarers and their hopes for peace, health and fortune.

China’s ‘Singles’ Day’ will beat record

Over the weekend meeting, foreign ministers grappled with how to refer to differences in the South China Sea, highlighting divisions within the trade bloc under the shadow of the neighboring economic powerhouse. Aside from its stunning economic ascent, China’s growing clout overseas is also about bolstering confidence at home. That’s the main driving force of the shift to a foreign policy agenda like South China Sea and ‘One Belt, One Road’ and a lot of things,” said independent economist Andy Xie.

That’s being unfurled as the Chinese economy shifts from a manufacturing focus to services and consumption. The transition comes with growing pains , with efforts to reform state-owned enterprises SOEs and slash excess capacity spurring layoffs and widespread resistance.

Watch video · Late last year, Tang Yan took his Chinese dating app Momo—which he describes as a mix of Tinder and Snapchat—public on the Nasdaq. In just a .

Beijing is a shiny metropolis, but below the gleaming skyscrapers and busy thoroughfares are desolate amusement parks and abandoned neighborhoods, remnants of a different place, reminders of a recently forgotten past. Another version of this story appeared on Danwei. Despite amenities fit for an ancient emperor — or, perhaps, a mid-level provincial official — membership at the Homko remains at an all-time low of zero.

In the meter swimming pool, mounds of concrete rise from the frozen surface. The bar is bereft of bottles; no sighs will ever be heard from its bedrooms, because the Homko has long been abandoned to the elements. It is as if the apocalypse had happened to the Chinese Brady Bunch. The story of what happened here, and the dozens of grandiose houses around it, remains a mystery to this day. But now, half a decade after all life left this luxury location, perhaps the truth is beginning to emerge about a project that began over a decade ago, before the Olympics, back when borderline-hazardous air in the capital was considered normal.

Housing developments were beginning to spring up on the edges of town, providing some blue-sky respite from the smoggy center. It was then that villas by the Beichen Group, a Beijing-based realtor also known as Beijing North Star, were built just north of the Summer Palace, the decadent imperial retreat where emperors of old would seek cooling retreat from the seasonal heat.

China September exports surge, creating record surplus with U.S. despite tariffs

The Asian country also trails way behind the U. In the IMF calculated gross domestic product per head in the U. Friends for the moment:

Watch video · The ambition is to collect every scrap of information available online about China’s companies and citizens in a single place – and then assign each of them a .

For residents of Wenzhou, China, and millions like them in China’s rapidly industrializing and growing cities and towns, this has become a reality. In April , China issued a water pollution and prevention action plan , which outlined how China would improve its water quality by The plan has proved to be more difficult than the country anticipated, and it is having a hard time stopping the pollution. The following photos show instances of water pollution around China dating from to the present.

Christian Storm wrote an earlier version of this story. The red river in Wenzhou is just one example of the water pollution that has been running rampant in China for years. A child in a polluted reservoir in Pingba, southwest China’s Guizhou province, in Almost two-thirds of China’s rural population use water contaminated by human and industrial waste. A child drinking water near a stream in Fuyuan county, Yunnan province, in A villager with two bottles of water, one from a white polluted stream and the other with normal mineral water, in the Dongchuan district of Kunming, Yunnan province, in The New York Times Pollution of the water and air has short- and far-reaching effects.

The pollution is so bad that it even affects the animals in the water.

Best Chinese Websites

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, an Internet dating site designed for wealthy, successful and attractive singles, was launched in With over million users, it has served a large group of successful singles included doctors, lawyers, CEOs, Hollywood celebrities, professional models and other well-known personalities who are seeking for serious and.

MillionaireMatch is now working with one of the top three international airports in China, where many millionaires are located, to leverage the boom in Chinese overseas travel, with record numbers of outbound Chinese flights supporting the travel plans of the largest population on the planet. In addition to a dynamic yet stylish advertising and brand awareness campaign through traditional airport channels, such as outside terminal adverts and on-the-go and transit advertising on airport shuttle buses, moving walkways and billboard style screens, MillionaireMatch has also developed sponsored merchandise that helps travelers to make the most out of their time in the airport.

Not only is China home to 1. The campaign has been running since October and travelers have responded positively to both the brand and the MillionaireMatch concept. MillionaireMatch’s foray into China follows smart analysis of the global market and a clear understanding that the rich Chinese population is showing strong growth. The airport campaign is being closely monitored by MillionaireMatch as the brand is expanding into new territories, but it is also working towards greater penetration of the US market.

With a clear understanding of ROI and metrics on the Chinese campaign, MillionaireMatch will seek to replicate their marketing and advertising activity in the US.

Airport to be built in China’s largest port to Russia

Now, archaeologists have made another incredible finding at the site — more than 80 skulls dumped in groups — and the rest of their bodies are nowhere to be found. The grisly discovery was made in two pits, with 24 skulls in each, in front of the east gate of the city ruin while others were later uncovered along the eastern city wall. According to Sun Zhouyong, deputy head of the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, there has been no sign of their limb bones. The Shimao ruins were built about 4, years ago and extend over an area of 4.

This statistic shows the most popular social networking sites in China, based on number of monthly active users. As of August , WeChat had million MAU in China. QZone was ranked second.

Posted by jmcgee What is it like to be a Catholic in China today? This essay from Ignatius Insight offers a surprising, and moving, glimpse of survival in the face of persecution: Liuhecun is difficult to find without help, and it is best accessed through the introduction of one of the local priests. Passing through a narrow side road one arrives at Liuhecun and is welcomed by three great statues at the village entrance: Peter holding his keys is flanked by Saints Simon and Paul.

Thirty minutes before Mass the village loudspeakers, once airing the revolutionary voice of Mao and Party slogans, now broadcasts the rosary.

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